Our Services

We consult our clients in software architecture topics and provide it-project management services. Main areas of competence are the integration of non-SAP software with complex SAP® system architectures, implementation of IBM Emptoris® and Ivalua Buyer® sourcing systems and the design and implementation of it tools.


IT Architectures (SAP, J2EE®, Web)
IT Project Management (PMI certified)
IT Requirements Engineering
IT Design
Programming (C, Java®, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SQL)
Test Management

Sample Projects

Web Based Engineering Tools (Robotics).
Phase-out IBM Emptoris and ARIBA Import Preparation(Chemicals)..
IVALUA Import (Banking).
Phase-out IBM Emptoris und
Integration Ivalua Buyer / SAP (Telco). Integration IBM Emptoris / SAP (Financials).
Master Data Consolidation (Chemicals).
Migrating IBM Emptoris to SaaS (Telco).
Shared Service Purchasing (Telco).
SAP BI Consolidation (SAP HANA®) (Telco).
Establishing a Centre of Expertise for SAP (Public).
International Rollout (Telco).
Carve-Out SAP Core Systems (Services).


Web Based Engineering Tools (Robotics). Design and Software Architecture

  • Project Planning.
  • Analysis of Existing Tools.
  • Designing Web Tools.
  • Programmierung von Algorithmen in Java.
  • Java Programming.
  • SQL Data Base Design.
  • Web UI Implementation with JavaScript, CSS and HTML.
  • 3D interactive Models with Three.js.

Phase Out IBM Emptoris and
Integration of Ivalua Buyer with SAP (Telco). Technical Project Management, Architecture, Interfaces and Migration.

  • Project Planning.
  • Design Data Export from IBM Emptoris.
  • Data Model Analysis, Archiving Design for Contracts and Purchasing Requests.
  • Designing Interfaces and Migrations Ivalua -SAP MM and SAP SRM.
  • Testing and Going Live Activities.

Phase-out IBM Emptoris and ARIBA Import Preparation(Chemicals). Migration and Tools.

  • Project Planning.
  • Design Data Export from IBM Emptoris.
  • Data Model Reengineering.
  • Migration and Migration Programm Design.
  • Implementation Extraction and Migration Tools.
  • Migration Activities.

IVALUA Import (Banking). Migration.

  • Migration Planning.
  • Data Model Analysis and Data Import Design.
  • Migration Activities.

Integration IBM Emptoris Suite with SAP (Banking). Interface Design, Consulting.

  • Designing Interfaces IBM Emptoris – Informatica – Backend Systems.
  • Consulting for Architectural and Operational Tasks.
  • Master Data Management Supplier Data.

Master Data Consolidation (Chemicals). Master Data Consolidation, Implementation of an E2E Data Flow between IBM Emptoris and several SAP Systems.

  • PoCs.
  • Design, Test, Going Live Planning and Support.
  • Master Data Management: Analysis, Design and Support.
  • Data Migration Design and Support.
  • Going Live Support and After Going Live Support Activities.

Migrating an In-House IBM Emptoris Solution to a Software as a Service Solution (Telco). Project Management.

  • Project Planning.
  • Consulting and Managing Compliance Aspects.
  • Designing Technical Migration (Interface, Network, Single Sign On).
  • Purchasing Support.

Shared Service Purchasing (Telco). Outsourcing Strategic Sourcing Activities - Establishing a Company Owned by Two Main European Telco Providers.

  • Coordination IT-Architecture with the Counterparts of the French Telco.
  • Coordination German IT Staff (Compliance, Data Protection and Data Privacy).
  • Technical Consulting System Architecture.

Consolidating SAP BI Systems in a Multi-Project Environment (Telco). Technical Project Management, Consulting.

  • Project Planning.
  • Design Data Consolidation, Testing and Architecture.
  • Klärung technischer Aspekte der Migration.

Establishing a Centre of Expertise SAP (Public). SAP Basis, Computing Centre, Test Centre and Application Management Team.

  • Project Manager Computing Centre Installation.
  • Design (SAP Solution Manager).
  • Coordination COE Installation.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Design Transport Management (CHARM).
  • Performance Optimisation Management.

International Rollout (Telco). Management Consulting and Abroad Rollout Activities.

  • Design and Management Roll Out for China, Russia, Hungary, Japan, France. Switzerland, Denmark, Czech Republic.
  • Technical Project Management (Connecting Oversea Countries)
  • Managing Data Privacy Aspects.
  • Management Consulting.

Carve Out (Services). Assuring a Seamless Cutover.

  • Teilprojektleitung.
  • Method Design.
  • Management of Distributed Teams.

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